Welcome to another issue of Le Cordon Bong, a newsletter about recreating Michelin star meals at home. You can get in touch with me via the comments or by email. All of the previous content is up on the website (which I personally find to be a more enjoyable reading experience…
With duck breast, smoked beetroot, and the ethics of veal farming
Get yourself a sous vide. Then make this recipe first.
Topped with some very fancy molecular gastronomy style 'parsley snow', and a few words about Seaspiracy
What if we took lamb shoulder, but cooked it like Texas brisket?
With stuffed Jerusalem artichokes, which are neither from Jerusalem, nor actually artichokes, but have a fantastic origin story.
The season finale for the Hand & Flowers.
With mushroom tuiles, an exploding celeriac, and medieval cookbooks.
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